Seasonal Emoji sets for iMessage
Handrew Stickers for iMessage
Run 4 Prez - Trump vs. Clinton game
Random works 2016
"Big Trouble in Little China" coloring poster
Pizza Rat Race game (Free)
Typany app stickers packs
Random GIFs
Eyes on stuff - digital paintings
Huely - Tokyo Series
Italian Lust
TokyoCandies x Modify Watches
Link app Astronaut 32 stickers set
Around another World
Wrestling Academy™ IP
Nike, rejected designs
Vampire boy - Viber stickers set
Mamesen kitsune character
Chicken Broccoli magazine illustrations
Tokyocandies beach towels
Akira Toriyama's Tribute
I'm on fire
Good Guy Pipe - Free iOS game
Autumn love
Happily melting portraits
Orociok Saiwa TV commercial
Cover Rivista Ufficiale NBA
Nike t-shirt April 2012 "Octopus"
Eli Explorer - Educational game for kids
Hello Bank by BNP Paribas
Characters collection - April 2013
Self portrait - Wacom contest
DJing character collection
Nike "arms" t-shirt summer 2013
Nike t-shirt May 2012 "Wings"
Foot Locker exclusives
Ride Free X "Cicli illustri" exhibition
Nike HotRod
Logos and typography collection
LAV adv campaign illustration
Killer & Yatta - characters emoticons (40 poses)
Custom Dudes for Dudebox
Punkypins Sailor Collection
Punkypins - January 2013 series
The owl - t-shirt design
Rey Mysterio poster for WWE magazine
Bud Spencer contest t-shirt design
Packaging character for Mamesen
Punkypins - Zombie Collection
Cosmic Wheelie
5 of spades - Creative Cards
4 of clubs - "52 Aces" by Zeixs
HATEmale - tee design
Postcards from another world
FunChat Round 2
Psycho Rebel tees
CMYK Fighters
Markers on paper #1
Surfactivity Collection Summer 2011
Realmac Software t-shirt
The last vampire astronaut project vol.1 submission
Various #2
Fixy - tee+poster design
Urban Samurai
The Rockabilly Cat - custom toy
I hate sushi
Various works jan/may 2010
Insert Coin
Sweet Nightmare (UPDATE: exhibition pics!)
The Dirty Cream type
I ♥ LDN (updated: Sweatshirt printed!)
I art sneakers
'Sympathy for the unusual' t-shirt *UPDATED*
Pillow fight.....pillows
Urban Attitude - Poster for BUSTA
Hokusai rivisited
Yakuza Munny
Pop icons essential pack (140 icons) + App
Daft Punk homage collaboration
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