10 Best Japanese Dishes To Try [2023]

Best Japanese Dishes To Try

Traveling to Japan is good. Eating delicious Japanese food while traveling is even better! After having traveled quite a bit in the land of the rising sun, I present to you today 10 Japanese dishes that you absolutely must try. Ramen Might as well start this list of dishes with the base of the base: the ramen. Although originally […]

Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Desserts Of All Time [2023]

Most Popular Japanese Desserts

From zenzai -unique and delicious to very popular soft mochi here are top 10 most popular Japanese desserts of all time. 10. ZENZAI Japanese zenzai is an unusual dessert that combines thick red bean soup with mochi, the famous sticky rice cake . It can be prepared by boiling dried red beans or diluting anko (sweet red bean paste) in water. The […]