Traveling Japan By Train: Complete and Comprehensive Guide [2023]

Traveling Japan By Train

The complete file to prepare your stay If more and more travel agencies offer alternative solutions, the train in Japan remains the most widespread and simplest means of transport. It must be said that the Japanese rail network is well developed, safe, fairly affordable for foreigners (thanks to the JR Pass!)… and above all renowned […]

9 Most Romantic Places In Japan [2023]

Romantic Places In Japan

Japan is a fascinating country that draws travelers seeking both exciting city adventures and peaceful nature retreats. And for those looking for romance, Japan has plenty of surprises in store. In the cities, you’ll find a mix of places where locals love to gather, from bustling theme parks to serene temples. But if you want […]

10 Best Day Trips From Tokyo [2023]

Best Day Trips From Tokyo

Planning a day trip from Tokyo? Within just 1 or 2 hours by car or train, there are plenty of amazing spots to explore. Whether you’re looking for a romantic drive date or a fun family getaway, there’s something for everyone. And don’t forget about the stunning natural scenery that will leave you feeling refreshed […]

6 Best Summer Destinations in Japan [2023]

Best Places to Visit in Japan in the Summer

When it’s really hot in Japan during the summer, you might want to visit a summer resort to cool down and relax in the refreshing air. If you’re wondering which summer resort is really cool, the one with beautiful nature and hot springs will help you feel better and relieve your summer fatigue. Find out […]

8 Best Places To See Near Tokyo [2023]

8 Best Places To See Around Tokyo 2023

To fully enjoy what a megacity has to offer, one must be able to step out and breathe outside of it before returning to its pace and excitement. Trains departing from Tokyo make it possible to reach multiple spots with remarkable punctuality. What is there to see around Tokyo? From Mount Fuji to the temples […]

Discover The Top 3 Ways To Get Around Tokyo: Complete Guide [2023]

Discover The Top 3 ways To Get Around Tokyo: Complete Guide

Moving around such a huge city as Tokyo may seem difficult at first due to the extensive public transport system – but I will help you to make it easy! Public transport in the capital of Japan is one of the most modern and most punctual in the world. Although it is used by several million people every day, the […]

Live Unique Cultural And Spiritual Experience In The Heart of Japan 2023

Live Unique Cultural And Spiritual Experience In The Heart of Japan

In the land of the rising sun, there is an island that stands out for its unique cultural, natural and historical wealth. It’s Shikoku’s. For several centuries, the Shikoku pilgrimage has been a must among the spiritual and offers a unique experience on some 1200 kilometers and 88 temples that make up this unique circuit. In this […]