15 Best Things To Buy In Japan: Ultimate List [2024]

Best Things To Buy In Japan

Are you headed to Japan soon? Want to grab some cool souvenirs back home? Then you’re in luck! This article’s got a sweet selection of souvenir ideas that totally caught my eye when I was in Japan. From quirky tourist trinkets to traditional Japanese gems, there’s something for everyone. And the best part? All of […]

Ultimate Guide To The Best Manga Of All Time [2024]

Best Manga Of All Time

Interested in exploring the world of manga, but not sure where to start? Look no further! Whether you’re a teenager, adult, or child, there’s a manga out there for everyone. From action-packed Shonen to heartwarming Shojo, from thought-provoking Seinen to emotionally rich Josei, and from playful Kodomo for boys and girls, the options are endless. […]

26 Best Anime Movies of All Times You Must Watch [2024]

best anime movies of all time you must watch

 This list includes some of the most underrated and lesser-known anime movies of recent years, as well as some of the greatest animated movies in cinema history . A selection of films that will remind you why anime is one of the most imaginative, exciting, beautiful and also surreal genre. While we certainly appreciate the […]

10 Best Rooftop Bars In Tokyo [2024]

Rooftop Bars In Tokyo

This is the time of year when enjoying a drink outside feels just right. In this blog, we’re going to tell you about some special places – they’re like secret spots – where you can have a great time. These are famous restaurants, kind of hidden away. You can find them in the heart of […]

13 Places With Amazing Architecture In Tokyo [2023]

Architecture In Tokyo

A Journey through Tokyo’s Artistic Architecture: Beyond the monotonous sight of electric wires adorning towering buildings lies a hidden world. Tokyo is not just about that! In fact, this vibrant city is brimming with ingenious artistic urban structures. Prepare to be captivated by the sleek allure of modern architecture. Today, we’ll take you on a […]

Wabi Sabi Home : Easy Guide To Japanese Home Decor With 25 Examples [2023]

Wabi Sabi Home

Have you heard of wabi-sabi? It’s a Japanese concept that celebrates imperfection and uniqueness. This approach to interior design emphasizes rough textures, asymmetry, and unconventional shapes, and encourages a preference for handmade items and simple design. The idea is to appreciate beauty in the imperfect and avoid the pursuit of fancy or uniform decor. With […]

Discover Best Anime And Manga Tattoos [2023]

Discover Anime, Manga and Comics Tattoos

Lately, there’s been a rise in incredibly talented tattoo artists specializing in creating anime and manga tattoos inspired by comics and animation. They manage to capture the original designs’ true essence. These tattoos stand out for a couple of reasons. First, they burst with bold, vibrant colors, just like their manga and anime inspirations. And […]

Discover 15 Inspiring Japanese Proverbs !

Japanese Proverbs

Art and literature are powerful mediums to immerse oneself in a new culture. Japanese proverbs, in particular, offer a unique glimpse into the moral values that have shaped generations. By looking into these popular quotes, one can gain a deeper understanding of Japanese thought and wisdom. Some of these sayings may seem familiar, while others […]

Discover Japanese Concept Of Ikigai [2023]

Japanese Concept Of Ikigai

The Japanese have a special way of staying healthy and happy, and it’s something we can learn from. They live longer and enjoy life more. In this article, we’ll discover how their unique perspective on life affects what they eat and how they act. They also have a method for finding greater happiness called “ikigai,” […]

15 Best Japanese Movies Of All Time [2023]

Best Japanese Movies Of All Time

Japanese movies possess an enchanting allure and are graced by remarkable directors. While Akira Kurosawa stands out as one of the greatest filmmakers worldwide, he’s not the sole renowned director hailing from Japan. Yasujiro Ozu, Hayao Miyazaki, Kenji Mizoguchi, Kon Ichikawa, and others have crafted awe-inspiring masterpieces like “Tokyo Story,” “Seven Samurai,” and “My Neighbor […]