Ultimate Guide To The Best Manga Of All Time [2024]

Best Manga Of All Time

Interested in exploring the world of manga, but not sure where to start? Look no further! Whether you’re a teenager, adult, or child, there’s a manga out there for everyone. From action-packed Shonen to heartwarming Shojo, from thought-provoking Seinen to emotionally rich Josei, and from playful Kodomo for boys and girls, the options are endless. […]

10 Recent Books By Japanese Authors To Discover  [2024]

10 Recent Books By Japanese Authors To Discover

Japan is known for its rich and unique culture, and its literature is no exception. Japanese authors have produced some of the most captivating and thought-provoking works of literature that have captivated readers around the world. From classics to modern works, there is something for everyone to discover in Japanese literature. In this blog post, […]

Discover Best Anime And Manga Tattoos [2024]

Discover Anime, Manga and Comics Tattoos

Lately, there’s been a rise in incredibly talented tattoo artists specializing in creating anime and manga tattoos inspired by comics and animation. They manage to capture the original designs’ true essence. These tattoos stand out for a couple of reasons. First, they burst with bold, vibrant colors, just like their manga and anime inspirations. And […]

Discover 8 Japanese Longevity Secrets [2024]

Japanese Longevity Secrets

The people of Japan, particularly those residing in Okinawa, are renowned for their remarkable life expectancy, with men living up to 81 years and women exceeding 87 years! As the population continues to age, the archipelago is witnessing an increasing number of elderly individuals, with the number of centenarians setting new records. What are the […]

8 Best Places To See Near Tokyo [2024]

8 Best Places To See Around Tokyo 2023

To fully enjoy what a megacity has to offer, one must be able to step out and breathe outside of it before returning to its pace and excitement. Trains departing from Tokyo make it possible to reach multiple spots with remarkable punctuality. What is there to see around Tokyo? From Mount Fuji to the temples […]

Nightlife In Tokyo: 12 Best Places [2024]

Nightlife In Tokyo

Tokyo nightlife offers something for everyone. From the cozy micro-bars in Shinjuku to the trendy clubs in Aoyama and Shibuya, as well as the stunning palace bars, karaoke spots, and traditional Japanese bars, the options are endless. Embrace your nocturnal adventures and seize the opportunity to get to know the local population, forming connections that […]

7 Best Japanese Graphic Designers [2024]

Best Japanese Graphic Designers

Japanese graphic designers are incredibly talented and have influenced art and design worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 Japanese graphic designers. They blend traditional and modern styles to create stunning visuals that captivate audiences around the world. We’ll dive into their work and discover the unique magic they bring […]

10 Most Instagrammable Places in Japan [2024]

10 Most instagrammable places on Instagram

Travel albums have changed. Nowadays, memories are cherished on social media, where photographs must be as emotional as they are impactful. Although Japan is full of “Instagrammable” places that generate (and ignite) hundreds of hearts, we have decided to choose a dozen of the most interesting, visually appealing, and viral spots for anyone visiting the […]

60 Basic Japanese Phrases To Learn for Traveling

60 Basic Japanese Phrases To Learn for Traveling

The date is set, you have planned to go to Japan. From gastronomy to landscapes and culture, a change of scenery is guaranteed. Everything is ready for your departure, but there is still a problem, the language… If you’re planning on going to places further afield than the main island (like Shikoku or Kyūshū), it’s helpful to […]

Discover the Japanese Concept Of Ikigai [2024]

Japanese Concept Of Ikigai

The Japanese have a special way of staying healthy and happy, and it’s something we can learn from. They live longer and enjoy life more. In this article, we’ll discover how their unique perspective on life affects what they eat and how they act. They also have a method for finding greater happiness called “ikigai,” […]