Discover Culinary Specialties Of Japan By Region

Discover Culinary Specialties Of Japan By Region

Japanese cuisine is not only renowned for its unparalleled flavors and refinement, but also for its diversity across different regions. Each province offers a unique set of dishes, giving rise to the concept of regional cuisine and meibutsu, which are local culinary specialties that are popular across Japan. From the delicate flavors of Kyoto’s kaiseki […]

Discover 8 Japanese Longevity Secrets

8 Japanese Longevity Secrets

The people of Japan, particularly those residing in Okinawa, are renowned for their remarkable life expectancy, with men living up to 81 years and women exceeding 87 years! As the population continues to age, the archipelago is witnessing an increasing number of elderly individuals, with the number of centenarians setting new records. What are the […]

Discover Anime And Manga Tattoos in 2023

Discover Anime, Manga and Comics Tattoos

While the world of anime and manga is vast and fascinating, let’s shift our focus to the tattoo world for a moment. In recent years, we have seen a growing number of outstanding tattoo artists who specialize in creating comic and animation-inspired tattoos that truly capture the essence of the original designs. When it comes […]

10 Recent Books By Japanese Authors To Discover

10 Recent Books By Japanese Authors To Discover

Japan is known for its rich and unique culture, and its literature is no exception. Japanese authors have produced some of the most captivating and thought-provoking works of literature that have captivated readers around the world. From classics to modern works, there is something for everyone to discover in Japanese literature. In this blog post, […]

8 Best Tokyo Art Museums You Must Visit

The Best Tokyo Museums You Must Visit

Tokyo is widely considered one of the world’s leading artistic cities.  With more than 100 museums in its metropolitan area, here you can immerse yourself in art during your trip.  Here we present complete list of the best art museums in Tokyo: When you’re in Tokyo, explore all that the city’s diverse modern art scene […]

Matcha Tea: Complete Guide

Matcha Tea: Complete Guide

Matcha tea is one of the most consumed Japanese green teas in the land of the rising sun. It has been known to the Western world for a few years and very quickly became very trendy and its ease of consumption as a dessert or a drink thanks to its very fine green powder texture. What […]

Japanese Tea: Complete And Comprehensive Guide

Japanese Tea: Complete And Comprehensive Guide

Tea holds great cultural significance in Japan and has been a part of the country’s traditions for centuries. Known as “Cha” in Japanese, tea was first introduced by the Chinese Empire during the Nara period in the 8th century. It was then cultivated in Zen temples, serving as a means of relaxation and meditation. Similarly, […]

10 Most Instagrammable Places in Japan

10 Most instagrammable places on Instagram

Travel albums have changed. Nowadays, memories are cherished on social media, where photographs must be as emotional as they are impactful. Although Japan is full of “Instagrammable” places that generate (and ignite) hundreds of hearts, we have decided to choose a dozen of the most interesting, visually appealing, and viral spots for anyone visiting the […]

Top 10 Graphic Designers Instagram Influencers In Tokyo in 2023

Top 10 Graphic-Designers Instagram Influencers In Tokyo in 2023

1.M!DOR! Born in Yokohama in 1986, this artist graduated from Bunka Women’s University’s editorial design course and spent 5 years working at a design office before transitioning to a career as a collage artist, graphic designer, and art director in 2010. The primary materials used in their work are magazines and paper materials from the […]