Best Theme Parks In Tokyo

Looking for a day of excitement and adventure with your children? Tokyo offers a myriad of thrilling theme parks and amusement parks that are perfect for a day of family fun.

Here are the 12 best Theme Parks in Tokyo where you can experience endless excitement and create lifelong memories:

1. Sunshine Aquarium [Ikebukuro]

Penguins swimming in Sunshine Aquarium [Ikebukuro]

At the Sunshine Aquarium, popular creatures such as otters, penguins, and sea lions live in a space filled with sky, light, water, and greenery.

The sky is reflected in the aquarium displayed outdoors, and you can see the creatures swimming in the sky!

Spend a special time at Japan’s first urban high-rise aquarium.

In the outdoor marine garden, you can observe the daily life of penguins and otters swimming in the sky.

The popular “Penguin in the Sky” at the Sunshine Aquarium

One of the most popular is the Sky Penguin, where you can see cape penguins swimming in a huge aquarium that spreads overhead. Why don’t you experience a different space where you won’t know if you are in the sky or underwater?

Basic information about Sunshine Aquarium [Ikebukuro]

Name of facilitySunshine Aquarium
addressRooftop of Sunshine City World Import Mart Building, 3-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-8630
business hours
*Last entry is 1 hour before closing.
Regular holidayopen all year round
access[Access by train]
J・Ikebukuro Station (JR, Tokyo Metro, Seibu Line, Tobu Line): Approximately 8 minutes on foot from Exit 35 [Access by car] Directly
from the “Higashi Ikebukuro Entrance” on Route 5 of the Metropolitan Expressway

2. Legoland® Discovery Center Tokyo [Odaiba] 

Parents with two kids at Legoland® Discovery Center Tokyo

“LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo” is an indoor experience-based entertainment facility where you can enjoy the world of LEGO® blocks in Odaiba. In addition to being able to play with Lego® blocks, children can experience various experiences through attractions such as watching, playing, and learning, and can nurture their creativity.

As an indoor playground, families can enjoy themselves without worrying about the weather, such as rainy days, or the heat or cold.


This is a unique hands-on attraction where you can train to become the ultimate ninja. Go through various tricks set up in the Ninja Dojo, which is the stage, and avoid flying laser beams.

Jumping and jumping, children can move their bodies and play. There is also a corner where you can create works with Lego® blocks, so it is a recommended attraction that will stimulate your body and mind.

Lego Masters can teach you! “Master Builder Workshop”

The Creative Workshop is a workshop where you can learn about LEGO® directly from master builders and staff who can be said to be LEGO® professionals.

A theme is decided every time. You can brush up on your LEGO® creation skills by learning the basics of LEGO® assembly, tips for beautiful assembly, and amazing techniques!

Basic information about LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Tokyo [Odaiba]

Name of facilityLEGOLAND® Discovery Center Tokyo
address3F Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall, 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-0091
business hours10:00~18:00 (Last admission 16:00)
Regular holidayClosed: Irregular holidays
access[Access by train]
About 3 minutes on foot from Yurikamome “Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station”
About 5 minutes on foot from Rinkai Line “Tokyo Teleport

3. Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa [Shinagawa] 

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa, an aquarium with attractive effects using light, sound, and images

The Jellyfish Rumble, where the transparent jellyfish shine brightly, and the 20m-long underwater tunnel are typical spots.

In addition, in the attraction area that children can also enjoy, you can ride on a large boat and enjoy thrilling attractions and merry-go-rounds that swing like a pendulum!

Powerful dolphin performance!

The dolphin performance that changes depending on the season and day and night is one of the highlights of Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa!

You can see cute dolphins jumping so high that they seem to reach the ceiling, and you can see the staff and dolphins performing in harmony. Experience a full-fledged dolphin show with different charms at night and day.

Basic information about Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa [Shinagawa]

Name of facilityMaxell Aqua Park Shinagawa
address4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8611 (in Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
business hours[Weekdays] 10:00-19:30
[Saturdays and holidays] 10:00-20:00
Regular holidaynone
accessAbout a 2-minute walk from the Yamanote Line/Shinagawa Station Takanawa Exit
About a 2-minute walk from the Keikyu Main Line/Shinagawa Station Takanawa Exit

4. Tokyo Joypolis [Odaiba]

Tokyo Joypolis

TOKYO JOYPOLIS in Odaiba is one of the largest indoor theme parks in Japan, based on the concept of “digital real. There are more than 20 types of attractions and shows using VR, etc., and you can have an extraordinary experience using the latest technology.

You can have fun with your family and friends without worrying about the weather!

Experience the evolution of the sound game “Gakuon Live Coaster”

“Gekion Live Coaster” is the world’s first rhythm game coaster. In the first half, you aim for a high score by “shooting sounds” by pressing buttons in time with the rhythm of the music.

In the second half, they run at high speed through JOYPOLIS in the light and sound production. This is a fun attraction where you can enjoy both live performances and thrills!

Two people can also play cooperatively -“Half Pipe Tokyo”

“Halfpipe Tokyo” is the first-ever digital real attraction. A next-generation extreme attraction that combines “screaming experience” with “digital production”. It’s a thrilling experience as you get on the board and repeatedly swing and rotate.

In “SPIN-BATTLE”, which spins at the right timing and competes for scores, two people need to cooperate and play in sync. 

Basic information of Tokyo Joypolis [Odaiba]

Name of facilityTokyo Joypolis
address〒135-0091 DECKS Tokyo Beach 3F, 1-6-1, Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
business hoursBusiness hours vary depending on the season. Please check the official website .
Regular holidayOpen all year round
access[Access by train]
Yurikamome “Odaiba Kaihinkoen” station 2 minutes walk
Rinkai line “Tokyo Teleport” station 5 minutes walk
Rinkai line “Tokyo Teleport” 5 minutes walk



Opened in Ariake in 2020, the outing spot “SMALL WORLDS TOKYO” is the world’s largest indoor miniature theme park. The 8,000 m2 grounds are divided into six zones, each representing a miniature world.

It is an entertainment spot where you can not only experience the world of “moving miniatures” created with precision technology but also create your own miniatures.

Visit a rocket launch and experience the feeling of traveling in space in the “Space Center” area

Space Center" area in Small Worlds Tokyo amusement centre

In the “Space Center” area, a space center modeled on America in the 1960s and a future space center are reproduced in the same space. It is now possible to see rockets from two eras at the same time.

Rocket launches are also recreated, and you can enjoy a miniature world full of reality, such as people watching the launch and people traveling to space.

Take off and land on planes and feel like traveling at the terminal! “Kansai International Airport” area

The “Kansai International Airport” area is a miniature airport of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO modeled after the actual Kansai International Airport. It is the world’s largest airport miniature, and you can see a beautiful night view by switching between day and night in about 10 minutes.

Airplanes take off and land on the runway, and in the airport terminal, you can observe various situations, such as people working, people who are about to board the plane, and people who have just disembarked. This area is also recommended for children who love vehicles.

Basic Information of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO [Ariake]

Name of facilitySMALL WORLDS TOKYO
addressAriake Logistics Center, 1-3-33 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063
business hours[Park]
11:00-20:00 (Last entry 19:00)
*Photograph time from 18:00-20:00 = lighting is always bright and you can see maintenance scenery [
11:30 ~19:00 (last order 18:00) *Business hours may change depending on the season
Regular holidayIrregular holidays
access[Access by train]
3 minutes on foot from Yurikamome Ariake Tennis no Mori Station
11 minutes on foot from Kokusai Tenjijo Station on the Rinkai Line
[Access by car] 5 minutes from Ariake IC on the
Shuto Expressway Wangan Line
Please check the details page.

6. Little Planet DiverCity Tokyo Plaza [Odaiba]

 Little Planet DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

“Little Planet DiverCity Tokyo Plaza” in Odaiba is a next-generation theme park that combines children’s play with the latest digital technology. There are 9 types of hands-on attractions and workshops, such as coloring books, playing in the sandbox, and ball pool, so you can have fun while moving and thinking.

Based on the concept of turning play into learning, it is a playground that stimulates the inquiring minds and creative powers of children while playing. Since it is an indoor facility, one of the attractions is that you can play without worrying about the weather even on rainy days.

Digital ball pool “ZABOOM” makes full use of the latest technology

ZABOOM, a digital ball pool with light and sound, is a very popular attraction that has evolved from children’s favorite ballpool with the latest technology.

By combining projection and sensors, you can enjoy watching a real wave-like image that matches the movement of the ball, or collect stars by aiming at the screen on the wall.

The latest type of sand play using  “SAND PARTY!”

“SAND PARTY!” is the latest sand play that can only be done indoors. With the concept of an adventure on the island where the phoenix lives, if you create a mountain with sand, a projection will be projected, creating a forest-like world.

Many tricks tickle children’s hearts, such as digging in the sand water coming out and rivers flowing, searching for creatures, searching for treasures, and more! There is a mission list to clear, so you can enjoy it in your way.

Basic information of Little Planet DiverCity Tokyo Plaza [Odaiba]

Name of facilityLittle Planet Diver City Tokyo Plaza
address〒135-0064 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo Diver City Tokyo Plaza 5F
business hoursWeekdays: 10:00-17:00 (last entry at 16:30)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10:00-19:00 (last entry at 18:30)
*Subject to change due to changes in facility business hours
Regular holidayEquivalent to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza regular holidays
access[Access by train]
■5 minutes walk from Yurikamome “Daiba” station
■3 minutes walk from Rinkai Line “Tokyo Teleport” station B exit

7. Tokyo Asobi Mare [Hachioji]

Ball shooting game in Tokyo Asobi Mare [Hachioji]

Tokyo Asobi Mare -the indoor amusement park offers a variety of playground equipment and attractions for children of all ages. There are of course areas where you can exercise your body, such as ball pools and trampolines, but there are also quiz-style attractions where you can think and play together, and Narikiri Street, where you can change into the costume of the person you admire and take a commemorative photo.

Parents and children are happy in Tokyo Asobi Mare

Tokyo Asobi Mare is a facility for parents and children. There are large lockers available for free and a spacious changing room. There is also a stroller storage area and a nursing room, so you can rest assured even with infants.

After playing a lot, take a break at the food court with a wide variety of menus, from lunch to snacks and desserts. Even if your smartphone runs out of charge, there’s a free charging space, so it’s okay! It is an indoor amusement park where parents and children can spend a fun time in peace.

Basic information of Tokyo Asobi Mare [Hachioji]

Name of facilityTokyo Asobi Mare
address2-1 Bessho, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0363 Beer Nagaike New Building
business hoursWeekdays: 10:00-18:00
*Subject to change due to changes in facility business hours
Regular holidayopen all year round
access[Access by train]
About 1 minute walk from Keio Line “Keio Horinouchi” station

8. Namja Town [Ikebukuro] 

Cat figures in Namja Town Tokyo

In “Nanja Town”, you can play in three areas with different views of the world:

 “Dokkingham Square” is a fairy tale space with a huge gummy tree as a landmark.

“Mononoke Bangaichi” is a town ruled by Mononokes, with a slightly frightening atmosphere.

``Fukubukuro 7-chome shopping street” with a nostalgic Showa townscape and the famous Namja Gyoza Stadium.


 “Nanja Gyoza Stadium” in Fukubukuro 7-chome Shopping Street is where you can eat and compare as much as you like.

From rare gyoza that can only be eaten in Namja Town to exquisite local gyoza, you can enjoy gyoza until you’re full. You can purchase your favorite gyoza from a frozen gyoza vending machine!

Namjatown is also popular for its collaborations with popular anime and games. The contents are very satisfying, such as a cafe menu full of worldviews tailored to the event, sales of limited goods, and a special floor for collaboration events. Don’t miss the 2.5-dimensional stage and the official shop where official musical goods are sold and displayed!

Basic information of Namja Town [Ikebukuro]

Name of facilityNamja Town
address〒170-0013 3-1-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sunshine City World Import Mart Building 2F/3F
business hours
NAMJATOWN 10:00-21:00 (Last entry 20:00) *Alcohol menu sales 11:00-20:00 for the time being from Friday, January 21st
Regular holidayopen all year round
access[Access by train]
About 8 minutes on foot from JR, Tobu Tojo Line, Seibu Ikebukuro Line, Tokyo Metro Ikebukuro Station (Exit 35 to Sunshine City)

9. Asakusa Hanayashiki [Asakusa]

Asakusa Hanayashiki amusement park

Asakusa Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in Japan, opened in the 6th year of Kaei at the end of the Edo period.

There are plenty of attractions that everyone from small children to adults can enjoy!
From screaming attractions to haunted houses, we have a wide range!

Enjoy various attractions in the park full of Showa retro feeling.

Famous attraction- roller coaster

roller coaster in Asakusa Hanayashiki park

“Roller Coaster” is the oldest roller coaster in Japan, which was born in 1953.

If you visit Asakusa Hanayashiki, this is a must-ride attraction!
How about experiencing Japan’s oldest existing roller coaster, where you can experience a thrill different from ordinary roller coasters?

Basic information of Asakusa Hanayashiki [Asakusa]

Name of facilityAsakusa Hanayashiki
address〒111-0032 2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
business hours10:00-18:00
*Subject to change due to changes in facility business hours
Regular holidayEvery Tuesday * Please check the business calendar
for details .
access■3-minute walk from Tsukuba Express “Asakusa” station
■5-minute walk from “Asakusa” station on the subway Ginza Line, Subway Asakusa Line, and Tobu Skytree Line

10. Shinagawa Aquarium [Shinagawa] 

fish swimming in aquarium

“Shinagawa Aquarium” in Shinagawa Kumin Park is divided into the sea surface area and the sea floor area. In the sea surface area, some exhibits reproduce the coastal areas of Tokyo Bay and Shinagawa, and you can observe creatures that you cannot normally see.

In the undersea area, there is a tunnel aquarium where fish swim around the ceiling and a petting aquarium where you can touch creatures!

Various creature shows

 seal show in  Shinagawa Aquarium

Dolphin shows running through the water, funny shows of sea lions, and other shows with different charms of cute creatures are sure to leave a lasting memory.

Basic information of Shinagawa Aquarium [Shinagawa]

Name of facilityShinagawa Aquarium
address3-2-1 Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0012
business hours10:00〜17:00
Regular holidayEvery Tuesday
(open on public holidays, spring vacation, Golden Week, summer vacation, and winter vacation), January 1
access■About an 8-minute walk from Keihin Kyuko “Omori Kaigan Station”
■About a 15-minute walk from the north exit ticket gate of JR Keihin Tohoku Line “Omori Station”

11. Kasai Rinkai Park [Edogawa Ward] 

Observatorium in Kasai Rinkai Park Tokyo

The park is divided into an aquarium, an aviary, a lawn area, a sea breeze area, and an observatory area, so you can fully enjoy the nature of each season!

There is no doubt that you can enjoy it with your family. It is a perfect spot for a holiday outing.

You can also enjoy the Ferris wheel and the park bus

Seals swimming in Kasai Rinkai Park

From the Ferris wheel, you can see the ocean of Tokyo Bay, skyscrapers, and the cityscape of Tokyo. When the sun goes down, the giant Ferris wheel lights up and beautifully colors the night sky.

There is also a train that runs through the park. It runs along the coast at a slow speed, so both adults and children can enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Basic information on Kasai Rinkai Park [Edogawa Ward]

Name of facilityKasai Rinkai Park
address6-2-1 Rinkaicho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-0086
Admission feefree
Opening dayAlways open
access■ 1 minute walk from JR Keiyo Line “Kasai Rinkai Park”
■ From Tokyo Metro Tozai Line “Nishi Kasai” (T16) or “Kasai” (T17), about 20 minutes by metropolitan bus bound for Kasai Rinkai Park

11. Setagaya Park [Setagaya Ward]

greenery and little waterfall in Setagaya Park Tokyo

There are handmade playground equipment and hammocks, so you can enjoy the feeling of playing in a secret base! All playground equipment at Setagaya Play Park is handmade.

The mini SL “Chibikuro” runs and you can ride it. There is also an exhibition of the steam locomotive D51, so it is a special spot for children who like vehicles.

If you are in the third grade of elementary school or younger, you can also learn traffic rules by riding a mini cart.

Basic information about Setagaya Park [Setagaya Ward]

Name of facilitySetagaya Park
address1-5-27 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0023
Admission feefree
Opening dayAlways open
access■ 18-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station on the Setagaya Line and Den-en-toshi Line
■ 18-minute walk from Ikejiri Ohashi Station on the Den-en-toshi Line
websiteSetagaya Park | Setagaya City Homepage

12. Yoyogi Park [Shibuya Ward] 

Yoyogi Park in Tokyo

It is a perfect place for picnics and cycling. There are areas with lush green grass and areas where you can see plants from all over the world.

Various events are held almost every weekend

The area of ​​the event square near the outdoor stage is crowded with many people as events are held almost every weekend.

A gourmet festival where local gourmet food from all over Japan gathers is also held! You can enjoy the cuisine of each country and region that you can’t usually eat.

Basic information about Yoyogi Park [Shibuya Ward]

Name of facilityYoyogi park
address2-1 Yoyogikamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0052
Admission feefree
Opening dayAlways open
access■ 3 minutes walk from JR Harajuku station
■ 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line “Yoyogi Park” (C02)