Best Capsule Hotels In Japan

Japan is an essential tourist destination, but expensive. If you ‘re traveling on a budget , or if you miss the last train and need accommodations, you can spend the night in a capsule hotel.

Capsule hotels, also known as box hotels, have been growing in popularity for several years in Japanese cities. They look like normal hotels, but instead of a normal sized room, you sleep in a small cabin.

Here you can discover our selection of best capsule hotels in Japan and spend unusual night:

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A capsule hotel: what is it?

A capsule hotel is cheap accommodation in Japan that consists of small boxes or boxes that have a bed , and sometimes a few extras like a television or an alarm clock.

Although they are small, these capsules are also modern, comfortable, practical . They often include access to facilities within the hotel such as the spa or sauna, if these services are offered.

The price of capsule hotels usually ranges between ¥3000-5500 per night . This amount normally includes high-speed Internet access as well as basic facilities such as toilets and showers. There are also more extravagant and expensive luxury hotels.

The growth of Japanese capsule hotels

The word “kapusera” (capsule) was assimilated into the Japanese language in the 1960s and has a similar meaning to its French equivalent: small and futuristic. This word was chosen by the company that opened the first capsule hotel in 1979 : the “Capsule Inn Osaka”.

The designers defined a model of success, used by many other entrepreneurs afterwards. Japan now has hundreds of capsule hotels , and this system has even made its way overseas.

The first Chinese capsule hotel was inaugurated in 2012, and the first European capsule hotel opened in Belgium in 2014.

Rules and use of capsule hotels

Most capsule hotels have either women-only or men-only areas . There are a series of general rules that customers must follow:

The best capsule hotels in Tokyo

1. Nine Hours Narita Airport

Nine Hours Narita Airport Best Capsule Hotels In Japan

Located in Terminal 2 of Narita Airport , this capsule hotel is a haven to recharge your batteries during a layover or if you’ve missed your flight.

It has lockers, showers (toiletries are provided) and a lounge. It is possible to rent a capsule by the hour if you just want to take a nap, for example. Breakfast is available.

2. Green Plaza Shinjuku / Luck Spa

Green Plaza Shinjuku Best Capsule Hotels In Japan

If you’re looking for a luxury capsule hotel in Tokyo , this is the one for you. It has saunas, an open-air bath, hot springs, massage rooms, a siesta room, a lounge and a restaurant.

The facilities are separate for men and women. The “Luck Spa” is reserved for women.

3. Centurion Cabin & Spa

Centurion Cabin Best Capsule Hotels In Japan

Exclusively for women, this capsule hotel is just a 2-minute walk from Akasaka-Mitsuke Station .

Facilities include a sauna, massage chairs, free drinks and an oriental-style bath. The capsules are equipped with large televisions, aroma diffusers and humidifiers.

The best capsule hotels in Osaka

1. Capsule Inn Osaka

Capsule Inn Osaka Best Capsule Hotels In Japan

The very first capsule hotel is still in operation. Rooms are only available for males over 19 years old. It is conveniently located just 350 meters from Umeda Subway Station and 1 km from Osaka Station .

Here you will find a sauna, massage services and a comfortable lounge. Each room has a TV and breakfast is available for an extra charge.

Shell Nell Namba

Shell Nell Namba Best Capsule Hotels In Japan

This capsule hotel is divided into two separate parts for men and women. It is known for its trendy cafe which serves a delicious breakfast .

The rooms have a TV, electrical outlets and a USB port. The beds are soft, comfortable and give you a good night’s sleep.

Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori

Dotonbori Osaka Best Capsule Hotels In Japan

Located in the heart of Minami , Osaka’s main shopping district, this hotel is just a 1-minute walk from Namba Station .

The floors are separated by gender and have private showers and toilets. The rooms are spacious and the beds are comfortable. From this location, guests can quickly access many of the area’s sights.

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